Darker Side
---visual scan--x:90 y:89U
---visual scan---COR 9 8 7+0
visual   [vrc.sji]...This time it has gone totally wrong. Something didn't go right. Where am I now? As he looks around the forbidden and long forgotten realm he only thinks of one thing, the hope that someday leaving. This is definitely not the kind of place you want to spend a whole lot of time in. There he stands in what looks like a castle. It has stone walls. Murals and things plaster the highest parts magestically. Though it looked old to him, it was quite new to his standards. Rusted gears, melted plastic, various wires, broken mechanics, and other ancient loking things lied everywhere. Thrown aside like old toys, no longer of any importance. The sounds were ambient, but clear. A church bell rings solemly in the far distance. Echoing it's sound like a sort of late warning becon. It is way too late. No one rings this bell now. It's melody is played by the sudden gusts of ghostly winds that glide down the black shadowy mountains...[ert6?7]