Picture Gallery #2 

This is a picture gallery of some OLD pictures of me before I moved to South Florida. As you can see, I've changed (if you know me now).
Picture                                Comment
Back in the day..Look at that hat! And those "hot pants"! Talk about stylish! I was the man!
I call this one.."Fun with a scanner"
Look! It's that rad hat again, sweet!
I must have liked that hat. Oh, now I'm cool, look at that, peace out! And that shirt...
NoNOnonoNO! I had to be pretty brave to put this on my web page, thats is for sure! 
*Bill Gates type glasses
*Disco Snoopy shirt
*Hot Pants with rad surfer design
*Arm in wrong place
*Noby Knees
I'm kewl in this picture!