©Daniel Harris
Edited by: Luke ĎSonikFoxí Dillard


Chapter 2


"I will be right back. I am going to find you something suitable to wear. What you had on was hardly worthy of being called clothing," Mervin said as he ducked out to another room.

I guess it was the thick blanket on me because I did not realize I had no clothes. I lowered my head, feeling somewhat embarrassed for some unusual reason. Coming back into the room, Mervin laughed when he saw my expression.

"I donít know if I have anything that could fit you. Iím a tad larger than you," he said going through a large chest on the floor. "Well, well, well. I have something right that I wore when I was in my 30ís. Does it suit you?"

It was a pair of blue overalls and a solid white shirt. Was simple combination of clothing, but non-the-less adequate likable. I agreed to wear it.

Having got dressed I approached Mervin.

"It looks good on you. Letís go to town and see if we can find you some other attire and breakfast." he said.

"I am very grateful for your generosity. I only wish that I could pay you back somehow." I replied.

"Keep me company. It gets lonely living by your self for so long, naturally. Enough chat, letís go."

As I was exiting the house, my eyes were inflamed with the sunís bright shining rays. The sun had just recently risen above the horizon. The lighting in the house was dark so the brightness was heightened. When my vision began to clear, I saw something. It was odd shaped. It looked like a small house with wheels under it. I peered inside and their where seats in side with the cotton stuffing fluffing out. Then I came to the conclusion that this "thing" was an old beat-up vehicle of some sort.

In a polite manner I complimented "That, um, thing looks quite nice."

Mervin replied "What, that old piece of junk? That truck has been used so much, even Iím impressed that it hasnít died yet on me."

A truck! Now I remembered just a little more.

"Come on," Mervin said "Letís hurry while there is still daylight. Itís a long drive to the nearest town."

Out of curiosity I asked, "What town might that be?"

"Kalm. Itís situated by the Drahl Ocean."

Kalm. Sounded familiar. Maybe when we get there, Iíll begin to remember things.

After I had climbed into the truck, I let myself fall into the seat. Much to my dismay, the entire seat caved in sending me into a horde of cotton. It was actually a little comfortable, but I could hardly see out the cracked window. I looked to my right to see Mervin shaking his head as he climbed into his seat. His expression was not unpleasant though. It was an expression as if I had reminded him of someone that brought a smile to his face. The kind of smile he made as he saw me fall into the passenger side stuck in my mind. As if someone or something came to his mind when he saw me. Maybe it was a relative, or a friend. Quickly I turned my head to the left to pear out as the noisy truck start to rev up the engine and began to move with a jolt. Now we were on our way to Kalm.