F Quest   

©Daniel Harris
Edited by: Luke ‘SonikFox’ Dillard



Chapter 3



As Mervin was driving the truck I once again found myself falling back to sleep. I knew that Mervin lived a long way from town, but it almost seemed like an eternity to get to the nearest town, Kalm. To fight sleep I tried talking to Mervin.


“What’s Kalm like?” I asked.


“The name say’s it all. “ He replied.


“Do you have any relatives?” I continued.


Then, after a lengthy pause, he answered slowly, “No.” His face was quickly overcome with a sullen look.


I was worried that maybe I asked the wrong question, now I regretted it. But Mervin read my mind.


“Don’t distress your self over that question. You’re simply curious. If I was recovering from amnesia I would certainly ask as many questions as you, especially about a mysterious person that was caring for me.”


“Well, I’m glad that I have not upset you. “ I was feeling somewhat relieved.


Then he continued, “I had a young son once. A young fox kit. I found him by the beaches of Kalm. He was just lying there all alone. Wrapped in a velveteen blanket. Fast asleep with no one in sight. The population of Kalm is only around 75 and most of the people lived near the beach. It surprised me that nobody saw or heard him. Since I was still living alone at the age of 43, I decided to adopt him. I took my plea before the council and was immediently granted custody over my new kit. Walther is the name I gave him. He ended up living with me for six years. You reminded me of him when you dosed off in the seat. He did the same thing when I would take him for drives in the country. Around his seventh birthday, though, I suddenly lost him—“ He paused awhile and began to choke and stutter on his words as he continued, “I……….lost him at the brutal ha-hands of a l---large feline.” He gasped the last word. Feline.


Just hearing my species name related to the murder of a young child made my heart ache.


“That cat was laughing as he….” He slowed the vehicle to a halt. After stopping he just sat their with a blank stare. “…. devoured my own son. I could see my son’s ravaged body mutilated inside what was left of his shredded clothes. The blood was dripping off that feline’s face, but I could clearly see his pleasured expression. My anger was massive and I charged after that monster, but quickly lost. Felines are a mighty race, much more agile then a large ol’ thing like me. As I was lying there on the ground he turned me over. Now I was facing my son’s murderer. He then crouched beside my head. If I had enough strength, I would have cracked his skull, he was so close. He knew I couldn’t do anything and took advantage of that by telling me something that has haunted my life to this day. He said with a cold look in his eyes,


‘When I saw your kit, playing in the field, he looked so handsome. I ran up to say hi. He was very nice in greeting me. I guess he changed his mind when I beat him for the fun of it. He told me I was mean and warned me that his “Papa” was a stallion and that he would get me. When he was too weak from my pounding to run or yell for help I ate him. My stomach was empty cause’ I haven’t eaten in days, and oh, he tasted delicious. What do you think, huh?! Too bad you…Papa, couldn’t be here to protect your son.’


With those final words he punched me across the face and walked off chuckling with the most evil sound in his voice. After a while, I gathered enough strength to stand. I looked at my child, picked up his soulless body, and buried him behind my house. Swearing that I would find that cat.” Mervin slowly turned his head toward me. “When I saw you for the first time I was hesitant. I had wondered if you were the murderer lying there on the ground before me. In a raging fit, I picked up a rock ready to smash you. But fortunately, I realized that the murderer wasn’t a panther, he was a lynx. The murderer’s face flashed in my mind long enough to distinguish the differences. So I dropped the rock and took you to my house.”


I just stared at him. Horrified by his story. He began to cry inconsolably. Feeling sick inside, I tried to give him what sympathy I had. “I will never replace your son nor would I ever try, but you have been a great father to me.”


Mervin just stared at me. I didn’t know if I had just offended him or what. He whispered, “Thank you.” Mervin then faced the dirt road and continued to drive.


I was definitely awake now. I kept thinking about how my life could have ended so quickly. I then saw it as part of my destiny to repay Mervin for his kindness by tracking down this lynx. I don’t know what I was in the past, but if I did wrong I hope that by finding this lynx makes up for it.