Chapter 5



Written by Daniel Harris

Edited by SonikFox




I was standing in fog. Fog so thick you could cut it with a knife. I couldn’t see what I was standing on could be a mountain, plateau, or flat plain. The only thing I did see was a figure in the heavy fog. My memory showed me approaching the mysterious person. It was Sloan. With both eyes staring into mine and bearing a iron forged sword.


“Why can’t you leave me alone? All I want is to live a normal life.” he said.


“So did your victims” I retorted.


“My daughter is withering away in starvation! I had to steal! I’m sure a few missing bracelets won’t scar the Braztons for life”.


“Never the less, theft is theft and it is illegal. You can come with me and spend a few years in jail or lose your life.”


“What about my daughter?”


“She aided you in hiding the jewels so she will be in jail as well.”


“A jail is no place for children. Please, let me find a place for her to stay.” Sloan begged.


Without warning, I was shown drawing my sword and quickly jabbing it into Sloan’s left eye. Sloan wallowed on the dirt in agonizing pain. He was not ready for such a random attack. I paid no attention to his sword that he dropped close by.


“Now, you will come with me, no more talk.” I said heartlessly.


“Go to Hell…” Sloan weakly murmured.


“I don’t deserve that, but criminals do.”


After I said that, I raised my sword high into the air ready to behead Sloan. Unexpectedly he made a sudden dash towards his sword. I laughed thinking his effort futile, but he proved me wrong fast. While I was laughing he grabbed his sword, stood up, and swiped his sword across my chest.




I snapped out of my flashback in time to see Sloan kick me in the head. His agility surprised me once again.


“I cannot imagine how vile someone could be, much less an entire species.” Sloan said in a disgusted tone.


I saw Sloan reach in his coat pocket and draw out a dagger. He glared at me with vengeance in his eye. I tried regaining strength to either yell for help or fight back. Fortunately I didn’t have to, Mervin slammed into Sloan with incredible speed knocking him to the ground. Mervin then ran to me and extended his hand.


“Are you alright?” he queried.


“Not really.” I honestly answered. How could I be? Now I felt disgusted with myself. I hurt inside and out.


Sloan, seeing Mervin distracted, tried to run. Mervin must have had excellent hearing because he raised his head from looking at me and rapidly ran towards Sloan, tackling him.


“Your presence will no longer be tolerated!” Mervin said furiously.


Still in pain, I weakly fell to the ground and blacked out.




I was on a hill overseeing a vast, rich field of grass and lilacs. A gorgeous panther was standing next to me smiling at me. I was smiling back. She put her arms around my neck and began nuzzling my neck.


“I wish you wouldn’t have to leave.” She said with a pleasant voice.


“I know,” I calmly replied. “But when I return, I will look into getting repositioned. This mission shouldn’t last long. It’s only one criminal.”


“Promise me something, my love…” she said.


“Anything.” I replied.


“Don’t kill Sloan. His child needs him.”


“You know how I feel about criminals. They disgust me.”


“I know that my love, but what will happen to his girl?”


“She aided him in his theft. That makes her just as guilty according to the law.”


“She wouldn’t survive in jail. You know that, she can’t go.”


“While I’m gone, try to appeal to the council on her freedom due to her age. You’re a very convincing lady Gwen.”


“If we were fortunate enough to have a child, think about sending her off to jail, just think about it. But anyways, you always think of something.”


And after saying that, she kissed me. I felt uncomfortable with those last words from Gwen.




I was still in pain. I could tell I was laying on a bed, a soft one at that, but my vision was blurry. I couldn’t see well. All I could do was make out fuzzy shapes. The only living thing I could see was a person of short stature. When my seeing cleared up, I recognized the person. It was my young friend that always smiled, Deacon.