Chapter 6


Writer Daniel Harris

Edited by Sonik Fox



“Hiya Silver. Feel’n okay?” Asked Deacon with a concerned look his slender, young weasel face.


“Oh, I guess.” I replied trying to act tough.


“You sure seem to be getting in a lot of trouble Silver. I don’t mean to say that rudely, but….”


“That’s all right. Silver, huh? That is a good nickname for me, I guess.” I said smiling curiously.


“Yeah. Silvercast is a long name, so I just felt a need to shorten it.”


“Do you think I could call you Dee then? It’s shorter.” I said sarcastically.


“Oh, come on! Deacon isn’t that hard to say!” Replied Deacon in a loud tone with a sly smirk on his face.


After yelling that, a male wolf priest wearing glasses walked in and looked at Deacon sighing.


“Deacon, are you scolding are guest?” Said the priest in a teasing, sly manner.


“I’m sorry Father,” Deacon apologized. “I was just playing around with Silvercast.”


“And that is perfectly all right, but I am sure he can hear you fine, no need to yell. Especially in a place like this.” Said the priest.


“Don’t worry about that sir, no harm done.” I said in a way to get Deacon out of trouble.


“Well since all is forgiven, you ought to get back to class Deacon. I’ll be in shortly.”  Instructed the priest.


“Yes sir,” said Deacon. “Goodbye Silver.”


Deacon then ran off to a nearby room. The wolf then turned to me and extended his right arm as to greet me.


“Hello there,” He said. “I am Father Vincent Grey.”


“I’m Silvercast, Silver for short.” I said extending my hand and accepting his.


We shook and he helped me get up off the cot. The days since I had first ‘awaken’ I have seemed to have many of these fainting spells. Vincent then opened another door and motioned me to follow.


He led me into the sanctuary. It was a wide room made from stone, lit with many candles by pews, two at each side. At the front of the sanctuary was an ancient wooden podium with a shredded book lying on it. An organist practiced a lumbering, yet mystical melody on the off-key pipes.


“You seem to know Deacon well, he sure is interested in you.” Vincent commented.


“Yes, he saved my life from an angry mob.” I answered.


“Deacon is a wonderful boy. He is a brilliant student, always smiles, caring, energetic, and very talkative. He would talk to anyone he sees.”  Said Vincent proudly.


“Is he your son?” I asked, just trying to make conversation as I felt it slipping.


“No,” Vincent responded. “It was a cold night. It had just begun to snow and I found him on the church doorstep at the age of three. So I took him in. He has lived in my mission for three years.”


Hearing this made me think of Walther, Mervin’s son. Then that made me wonder where Mervin was. I asked Vincent and he told me that he was waiting outside. I immediately ran to the front door of the church. When I opened the door, I once again found the sun burning my pupils again. However, I could see Mervin just fine.


“Silvercast!” Mervin yelled rejoicing. ”I was worried.”


Then, suddenly, Mervin hugged me tight with reassurance. I thought my lungs were going to pop soon if he didn’t loosen his grasp.


“I’m…glad to…see …you to….but …I can’t breathe.” I said playfully.


“Oh, sorry…” replied Mervin.


He let go and it felt as if a load of bricks had fallen off my chest. I bent my knees trying to catch my breath. I looked up and smiled at Mervin.


“I really like your hellos, but I don’t know if I could survive another one.” I said jokingly.


“Yeah I’ll be a little more careful next time.” Replied Mervin.


Suddenly, something caught Mervin’s eye. He turned his head to the left and he lowered his jaw in horror. I stood up and looked and I too was taken by surprise.


I saw a disgusting creature covered in black string-shaped slime. The only noticeable under the slime was its red eyes. No mouth, lips, nose, nor ears could be seen. This beast stood on a hill balanced on its six, spider like legs, looking straight at us.


Out of nowhere a heard a gurgling, deep voice says: “Pathetic creatures. All will feel my pain, my fear, hatred, and hideousness.”


It had to have been the beast talking. Then, this ‘being’ started to slowly walk in our direction. It began to pick up speed after 8 seconds had passed.


“It is one of the creators!” Mervin shouted in panic.


“Its demonic!” I said in horror.


“We must run! Go! Warn the villagers! I will help Father Vincent get the children to safety.” Mervin informed.


We then departed. I ran into the village and shouted at the top of my lungs. People scattered. Screaming in fear. Trampling on anyone that got in his or her way. Fortunately, everyone went to safety. Except for me. I ran back to the church to check on Mervin and the others. I couldn’t leave Mervin, especially Mervin.


I saw the creator advance towards the church. I began to yell insanely, “Mervin! It’s coming!” Instead I got the creators attention. He looked at me for a second and then lunged at me. I turned toward the fields and ran, away from the town. Wearing those overalls hindered my running ability greatly. The creator reached at me with one of his legs, which instantly doubled as a hand. He grabbed my right arm; it felt as if my arm fur was beginning to melt. I moaned in pain, powerless against this monster.


I didn’t know what to do. I was going to die. At least everyone else was safe. I could die with that satisfaction. The monster then stopped dead in his tracks. He began to growl. His red, glowing eyes looked at me. This was it. Death.