The Day the Whole Bean Went Away

By: Sonik L. Fox <Luke D.>

Date: 8/99





One bright and beautiful morning around 8:00 am. Sonik stumbles down the stairs holding his head.

"Karva, why don't I smell the tempting aroma of freshly brewed coffee?" Sonik said half-yelling and half-mumbling.

"I think we're out." Came the reply from Karva.

"What did you say?" Sonik said coming into the kitchen.

"I said, we're out of coffee."



"Well, get some clothes on because we are going to go get some." Sonik said urgently.

"Uh, no! I've got better things to do." Karva said as he turned the page of the newspaper he was reading.

"You know what happens when I don't have my coffee." Sonik said.

"Please, don't start that again. I remember what happened last month when…" Karva got cut off.

"My POOR little foxy head! Throbbing! I see stars! Everything…going…dark…"

Just then Karva got up and with his long, iguana tail, whipped Sonik in the back of the head.

"Ow!" Sonik yipped.

"All right, I'll take you to get your precious addiction. I needed to get some fresh air anyway." Karva said reluctantly.

So Karva got dressed and got into the car where he found Sonik already sitting in passenger side.

"What store is the best one to go to, Sonik?" Asked Karva

"Store? I need my coffee NOW lizard!" Sonik grumbled.

"Okay 'fox', we'll stop at McDonalds. Geez, Sometimes I wonder how I ever put up with you." Karva said as he pulled out of the driveway.

Sonik began to grown and grumble. Karva just looked at him and wondered if he should just pull over now and throw his friend fox out the door.

"I bet if you went a week without coffee you'd be a much better fox." Karva said.

"If I went a week without the delicious, refreshing taste of coffee, there would be no more reason to live!" Sonik reasoned.

"Don't start talking about that kind of stuff. That last story you wrote was not fun." Karva said.

"Oh, please. That was just because I had been listening to way too much disturbing music. Or maybe I wrote that on the day I forgot to get my coffee. Very bad." Sonik said chuckling.

"Everything relates to coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee. A nice little commodity, maybe. An obsession? I think you have one. " Karva scolded.

"Now, now. Everyone has that thing they have everyday to make their day feel complete. Some can't go a day without Coke. Others have to listen to a certain CD everyday or something. What do you do?"

"I don't know."

"Well, I guess I really can't ask that because of other things going on.*"

"That’s right."

They pulled into the parking lot of McDonalds where the two had to decide what to do next. Were they going to go through the drive-through? Or were they going to take their chances and go inside.

"Let's just go through the drive-through, please." Karva said, turning the wheel sharply.

"Oh, whatever, I just want my coffee, Karva. Just hurry up, I feel a headache coming on."

"Headache? What about the headache you're giving me?"

"Maybe you should get some too."

"No way."

"Why not?"

"Because, it's…bad…"


They female voice uttered something indecipherable into the COM system.

"Hi, I'd like one large coffee and an apple pie." Karva said slowly, making sure she got the order right.

The voice said something that resembled, "Thank you drive around." So Karva did just that. Looking over, Karva noticed Sonik laying back on the seat with his long canine toung hanging loosely out and eyes rolled back. Karva knew that adding any comment to this sad sight would be wasting precious use of his speech.

They pulled up to the next window and Karva exchanged currency with food. Sonik made sure that he got exactly three packets of sugar to go with it. Then Sonik sipped it slowly with a very pleased look on his face. Karva munched on the apple pie on the way back to the house.

It seems to be a good ending to a fox and his depravation of coffee. However, what will happen when Sonik gets up the next morning and there is once again no coffee brewing because Karva forgot again that they were out? Why doesn't Sonik drive his own lazy butt to the store and get it? Why is the author writing about such trivial nonsense? There will be an answer, maybe.