This section is built on ideas of mine concerning the Gungan anatomy. These are speculation and not complete truth from George Lucas.
This section is definately going to be builded on as I learn new information...


Long tongue indicates the food in which Gungan's eat. The must eat some sort of flys, for they grab their lunch with their tongue much like a frog. Which Brings up anouther point, It looks from the movie that Gungans eat frog-like creatures, strange.


The teeth of Gungans are similar to a horse/human in a way. Meaning these beings could be omnivours. Though I think they probably do need these kind of teeth for doing a lot of chewing. So far I havn't been able to see any canines. This could indicate they are more of a plant eater. 


This is a very big part of the Gungan's head. They wave down to lower back. Being that Gungans spend most of their time underwater, these ears might be used as a rutter or actual flippers to move through the water easier. After seeing the movie again I noticed them moving strangely while he was swimming, this could prove what I've said.



Bright yellow and fairly large. These eyes looks like they are specially adapted to seeing under water better then most creatures. The two bumps on the top of each eye is a mystery to me. The range of sight looks to be straight ahead only. I'm not quite sure if they are able to move to the sides. I did notice in the movie that the eye could literaly move up and down.

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