About the Page:

What: A page about a fictional alien character from the over hyped movie Star Wars Episode 1: The    Phantom Menace. 

When: Started this page around June of 1999.

Why: Jar Jar is the most interesting character in this movie. Completely computer generated, moved very real, every detail of him perfect, think you might actually see one some day, kinda cute, a little goofy, innocent, and finnaly...just plain cool!

Where: Florida, The Sunshine State.

How: Using Netscape Composer 4.5, A lot of time, Internet pics of Jar Jar [there may be some I scanned to] "Skills, brother!"

About Me...sort of:

Name: Sonik L. Fox

Age: 17

Occupation: Student, Computer Nerd, Internet junkie, Sci-Fi freak...

Music: Techno, Industrial, Dark Techno(darkwave), Heavy Metal, Gothic, Hard Rock, some pop...

Movies: The Matrix [go see this movie RIGHT NOW!], Star Wars Series, Citizen Kane, Anything   Star Trek, Anime movies, anything Sci-Fi

Hobbies/Double lives: Furrys | Cartooning | Singing | Computers | Freak | B------- | Mental CaSe:) 

Web Sites and E-Mail: The Enigma | SonicL@hotmail.com | AOL: MeSsDuP111 , SonikL

Pic of me, SonikFox

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